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My company with strong technical force and production equipment, in order to adapt to the rapid development of telecommunication business, recently successfully developed a 3 g / 4 g / 5 g communication FRP pultrusion radome. After authoritative testing institutions to test, the comprehensive performance of products meet the national standards, and successfully develop the overseas market, through the acceptance of overseas merchants.

With the rapid development of modern communication, beautify the work frequency of the radome is developed from a single frequency for broadband, until the multiband whole frequency band. Not only requires radome has high penetration rate, and low absorption rate. Beautify the radome materials of low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss is the necessary condition to meet the requirements of new communications.

Through wave composite material is made up of reinforced fiber and the body material, the performance directly decide through the electric properties of the composite wave; Epoxy resin with excellent interface performance, chemical corrosion resistance, electric properties, and dimensional stability, etc are well received by the industry. Reached the international advanced level.

Yu star beautify the radome base material adopts high performance epoxy resin and high strength of alkali-free glass fiber, through the special design of fiber distribution and pultrusion curing procedure, to ensure the perfect combination between the resin and glass fiber, increase the adhesion between the two. From the material and structure design of fully guarantee the technical specifications of the FRP radome.

Yu star company FRP radome tube mechanical performance testing by the state key laboratory of authority, can achieve the following levels:

The Tensile Strength, Tensile Strength) of 1600 mpa

The bending Strength (Banding Strength) of 1530 mpa

Hot bending Strength (150 degrees Celsius, 50 minutes, High Temperature, Banding Strength) of 410 mpa.

Yu star beautify the radome structure design is reasonable, safe and reliable. Long-term stable geometrical dimension and not out of shape. Can guarantee communication equipment not the result of the deformation of FRP beautify radome ooze water, affect use defects such as cracks; Excellent strength and toughness, to ensure that the FRP beautify the radome assembly hole size accurate, when installing with strong and close together, beautiful appearance and compact structure is firm.

Yu xing FRP radome adopt unique independent intellectual property rights, patent technology production, abnormal products inside and outside surface smooth level off, the greatest degree of reducing the surface defects of traditional FRP products, to ensure the appearance of the beauty is generous. Secondly the unique preparation is added to the product formula, make whole radome of uniform color, durable. Even if long time exposed to outdoor weather environment, also won't appear fall off, the wrinkling; Can keep for a long time even color without a loss.

Considering the various complex outdoor environment conditions and climate difference change, against ultraviolet radiation, temperature difference of the influence of factors on the product, the product formula specially added in the design of anti-uv additives are added, the resistance to ultraviolet (uv) absorption, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature crack resistance, corrosion resistance and other indicators on a normal product has largely increased.

According to customer's requirement, also can produce in the cross section of the opposite sex radome products.

Radome Performance Index And Test Method

Model Radome Dimension Supporting The End Cover Static Load (kg)
Outer Diametermm Inner Diametermm Length Of Themm Heavykg Outer Diametermm  Thickness mm Heavykg
TX-33 Φ33 Φ30.5 1444 0.36 ······ ······ ······ 40
TX-183 Φ183 Φ178 2497 7.09 192 15 0.52 850
TX-198 Φ198 Φ193 2697 8.36 207 15 0.62 990
TX-240 Φ240 Φ235 2497 9.32 250 15 0.83 1100
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