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The current implementation of the ground weather modification operation tools of seeding catalyst mainly rockets and anti-aircraft gun, with the rockets and anti-aircraft gun weather modification operations by adding water, drought resistance and disaster mitigation, one of the important means of improving ecological environment. Because the rockets work has the strong sex, good catalytic technology, safe and simple operation, and many other advantages, gradually play a leading role in anti hail cloud seeding, our original rainfall rocket technology is a roll of glass technology with traditional cloth, its strength is low. Pultrusion, weaving and my company's patented technology, on the basis of this choice is suitable for flame retardant resin, and enhances the second in the production process of polyester blanket surface layer winding structure sufficiently protect the light rainfall rocket launchers, flame retardant, high burst pressure, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

This kind of composite pipe shell can be improved and improve the impact resistance, ageing resistance, temperature resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, such as performance, each layer structure of the composite pipe material and performance are used to get the best optimization, not only can save a lot of the material, and has more excellent mechanical properties, its maximum working pressure can reach 30 mpa, burst pressure can reach 60 mpa has a very high cost performance.

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