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Technical Support

How to Install Pressure Vessel

Article Source: This Site Release Date:2019-01-02

A, ready to work

1, check the surface of the pressure hull

Open the pressure shell of the outer packing, check the surface of the pressure hull in if there's any mechanical damage during transport and handling, if there is a mechanical pressure shell surface damage, must be confirmed will not affect the mechanical properties of the shell rear can use.

2, check the number of parts and specifications

According to the packing list to check the parts number, specifications, otherwise please get in touch with manufacturers or agents.

Note: each product of the internal parts are separately in shell, spare parts and packing list in the same container, and marked on the outer packing.

Second, the installation steps

1, completely fixed bracket

2, pressure vessel according to the manufacturers recommended span (S) level support and reliable fixation (see engineering drawings)


A. make sure according to the manufacturers recommended span (S) level of support and reliable fixation

B. make sure you use manufacturers provide flexible saddle and strip fixed pressure vessel

C. for pressure vessel of any rigid fixation and links

3, all of the components of end plate and the inner surface cleaning pressure vessel (banning the use of strong acid, strong alkali solution, it is recommended to use water or neutral solution).

4, to the seal surface, pressure container sealing area appropriate coating on the surface of the lubricant (suggest using glycerin)

5, the thrust ring into pressure container, and then loaded into the thick water side end plate.

6, the membrane element by a push into the pressure vessel, to the adapter connected to export membrane element of water purification.

Note: to ensure enough assembly space, for the installation of pressure vessel and membrane element to provide enough space, membrane element generally push from the raw water end, when changing from the thick water.

7, the raw water end end plate into pressure containers, water purification of adapter and membrane element, exports are linked together.

Note: uniform with a rubber mallet percussion bearing end plate, to dampers set into the container end of card slot.

8, 3 disc snap ring to the card slot, and then mount guard ring, and assembly hex bolt tightening.

9, the pipe plug tighten.

10, connecting piping


} a. ensure fixed pressure vessel and piping connection flexible cushion, to adapt to the pressure vessel under the action of pressure or temperature, the influence of the radial and transverse changes.

B. to ensure that the piping and side coupling pressure vessel of the original/nozzle free docking, and maintain concentric.

C. bear the weight of the pipe by the pressure vessel is prohibited.

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