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Technical Support

How To Run The Pressure Vessel

Article Source: This Site Release Date:2019-01-02

How to run the pressure vessel

A, operation steps

1, the relevant power supply connection intact (including all kinds of metering pump, high pressure pump).

2, all piping and equipment are in front of the reverse osmosis device wash finished, and finished the debugging and running normally.

3, start-up pressure containers.

Second, the use of pressure vessel

1, start at a high pressure system, must be slowly increase the pressure, to prevent damage to the end plate, pressure vessel and even cause personnel injury.

2, ensure system device of pressure vessel with overvoltage protection (greater than 105% of the design pressure).

3, banned under the stressed state of trying to remove any part of the pressure vessel.

4, installation thrust ring operation pressure vessel is not allowed.

5, it is forbidden to work beyond the pressure vessel pressure using pressure vessel.

6, or the use of pressure vessel using temperature range beyond using pressure vessel.

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