Daqing invests 1,600,000,000 Yuan solution enterprise pollution discharge qu

For three years, Daqing take the science and technology as a backing,
 adopts many kinds of methods antifouling, altogether invests
1,600,000,000 Yuan, enable the enterprise the pollution discharge
 question to obtain the effective addressing, the environment quality
 obtained further improved. Facing day by day complex stern environmental
protection situation, this city in 2000 year industry source of pollution
standards emissions foundation, strengthening the boundary management,
carrying out clean production, promotion industry source of pollution
comprehensive stable standards work. One control the new source of
pollution strictly, examines and approves strictly the items of basic
construction environmental protection and is completed the approval pass.
In recent years, this city one after another constructed has built up the
 company sewage depth purification processing project; the dawn snow
brewery sewage government project is more than 100 government project.
Through the rigorous close inspection, up to at present, altogether
overrules does not conform to the urban planning and the environmental
protection request item more than 30.The large and middle scale items of
basic construction link comments;the threes at the same time the execution
rate achieves 100. Two is carries out "Clean Production Promotion Law"
strictly, Daqing Oil Field Company, the petrochemistry company, will
build up the company, the petroleum administrative bureau. The family
enterprise lists as the clean production to verify the experiment site
unit, has carried on the key advancement. In the atmospheric environment
improvement aspect, implemented the petrochemistry company power set to
remove dust the facility transformation and so on more than 50 government
projects, reduced the air pollutant emissions, only petroleum
administrative bureau's centralism heating project on substitution .5
boiler rooms ,91 boilers, year reduction sulphur dioxide withdrawal 5000
tons and In the waste improvement aspect, the safe handling dangerous
waste 2200 tons, different handle the dangerous chemistry firmly 98 tons.
At present, the excellent and the good days in the whole year is about
340 days. Three, vigorously promotes the industry source of pollution
stable standards emissions. The implementation pollution discharge
reported and verifies the system, the grasping industry source of
pollution discharge condition, provides the basis for the environment
management and the contamination control and to strengthen the investment
about the protect the environment to deal with the pollution. In the 3
years, this city industry pollution preventing and controlling investment
is 675,634,300 Yuan, and finish the project of the overflowing oil about
the work under the oil well, the project of adjusting the containing the
polluted water, the project of the oil field electricity factory mine
power and the ceramic size by the oil management beurea, the project of
in the electricity plant in oil and chemical factory dust remover has been