234 will exceed the allowed figure dumps pollutants the paper mill to close down

  The date on 1st~8th in Jan. , the Hunan Province environmental protection bureau composition inspection team, leaves for different destinations Yoyang, Changde and Yiyang to the scene inspects how the situation about the Tungting lake district first stage order to stop of the production. The result shows that stop the papermaking enterprise production in the three cities is realized. The next step is that the three cities will deal with the closes down the improvement about the 234 over proofed pollution discharge paper manufactures before 31st March, among  the 234 factories, there are 47 in Yueyang, 57 in Changde, 130 in Yiyang.
  Appeared "Dongting Lake Papermaking Enterprise according to Hunan provincial government To pollute Improvement Work Plan" last year, 8 enterprise 101 papermaking enterprise in Yoyang, Yiyang, Changde will be stopped. The three governments pay a great attention on it and do a detailed plan and some relative work has been done. According to the scene test, the 8 enterprise have stopped the production on the whole or the educational system thick liquid production line to suspend shipment.
  At the basis that the governments ask for the stop production to the 8 enterprises, Changde, the Yiyang city also from the compression strength, separately 15 and 65 papermaking enterprises has issued the first batch production suspension notice to the area of jurisdiction in.